Captive Crystal Designs evolved from an idea to create wire mesh chains that are beautiful, colorful, flexible, and yet durable, with a simple elegance and versatility that makes them a perfect complement to any attire, from formal wear to T-shirt and jeans. I want to create pieces that will appeal to a wide range of people with different personal styles, events, and needs, but without some of the drawbacks of traditional jewelry such as getting tangled in your hair or snagging your clothing. The chains are unique in look, composition, and fabrication technique, and the universal clasp system creates a wide range of different ways that the pieces may be worn and displayed.

The core of my design is a hand-crocheted wire mesh tube with crystal beads woven into the mesh. Enameled copper and stainless steel wire provide the base for the mesh, with Swarovski, Preciosa, and Kaiyue Lijing bicone beads in a rainbow of colors. When the mesh tube is pulled through a drawplate, the beads are forced inside the mesh in a perfect spiral pattern. The beads add sparkle and color to the work, and they add function – they support the mesh from the inside so that the chain can move, flex, and be twisted without deforming. The spiral pattern of the captured beads ensures that light will play on the piece no matter at what angle, and with the wearer’s every movement. To complete these unique pieces, I use only stainless steel findings to ensure strength and durability. It is hypoallergenic and may be worn by those with metal sensitivity or allergy.

To provide the greatest possible flexibility in how these chains may be worn, I developed a system that centers around a universal clasp.

The lanyards, one of my most popular products, feature a stainless steel magnetic break-away clasp that is both strong and elegantly modern. Perfect for ID badges. Also available are durable key chains, and bracelet assist tools which enable the wearer to quickly and easily put on a bracelet unaided and without the usual wrist contortion and frustration.

New to my line, and inspired by the brilliant Sonoko Nozue, are the scarf-style and choker pieces that are woven out of crystal bicone and micro gold beads. The scarf-style necklaces are made of nearly
2,500 crystal bicone beads and 1,800 24K gold-plated micro beads. These necklaces have no clasps, but rather are tied in the fashion of a scarf. The choker has an adjustable clasp to conform to the size and
comfort of the wearer, and all of these pieces can be paired with a matching bracelet and/or earrings (both featuring the universal clasp). The play of light on these pieces is stunning, and the look is both
unique and very feminine.

I personally hand-create every item in my inventory, and I have yet to find any jewelry like my designs anywhere (online or otherwise). I look forward to the opportunity to add sparkle to your wardrobe with jewelry from Captive Crystal Designs.